A simplistic text editor

A plain text editor from scratch, made for the web. Don't expect too much from this simplistic app, it's designed for people who only want to do one thing. Write. With its smooth design you quickly find yourself emerging into the liminal space of the writer.

Here's a demo: https://writer.paco.sh/

I took a look at the code and for an application like this, the code is rather complex. But also very interesting, you might learn from it.

Too simple? Well take a look at this writer from the same developer, named "Thoughtless". As you type the words will disappear after a while, just like... your thoughts.

Made by pacocoursey.

Be sure to take a look at his minimal note taking-app.

GitHub - pacocoursey/writer: plain text editor
plain text editor. Contribute to pacocoursey/writer development by creating an account on GitHub.